How to activate Windows Clasic Menu in Windows 8

12 April, 2014


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In first place you need to download the next software : StratMenu8. For download startmenu8 please visit this page Activar menú clásico en Windows 8

Once installed the Windows classic button should be appear in the bottom left corner.

Menú Clásico Windows 7


How to customize the classic menu in Windows 8

You need to open StartMenu8 and you will see the next image:


Configuration – General Settings


  •  Run at Windows Startup: If you activate this option the program it will open when Windows starts
  •  Skip Metro Screen: This option will configure Windows 8 to go a classic desktop on startup
  • Deactivate Metro Hot Corners: Disable special menus that appear when you take the mouse to the corner of the screen.
  • Deactivate Metro Sidebar:
  • Deactivate hotkeys when full-screen task is detected
  • Left click or press Win key to open Metro:



  • Hotkey for Settings: This hotkey open the configuration window .  The default combination keys is Alt + S.
  • Hotkey for Switch to Metro:  The traditional to Metro.  The default combination keys is Alt +X.
  • Hotkey for Run…:  Open the Run box . The default combination keys is Alt +R.


Configuration  – Start Buton

Start Menu 8 allow us to choose various buttons

Botones Start Menu 8


Configuración – Idioma – User Interface


In this secction User Interface we have possibility to choose the leanguage interface of StartMenu8. The program support various languages

Menú inicio clásico - Cambio de Idioma



Configuration – Menu

 Start Menu 8 include

“Do not show” , “Show as a link” and “Show as a menu”.


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