11 mayo, 2017


El error se produce por el antivirus que captura el trafico https para descifrarlo y empezar ka busqueada de las firmas de virus.

Para solucionar este error hay que actualizar al día la versión del antivirus.


“Is the HTTPS connection still secure when Avast scans it?

When the Avast Web Shield scans the HTTPS connection, the data being scanned remains encrypted and secure. While HTTPS scanning is in effect, the Web Shield and your browser are on the same PC.”


“Forefront TMG features a new function for scanning the incoming HTTPS traffic.

It is necessary to enable the HTTP scan in the Forefront TMG management console for Kaspersky Anti-Virus to start scanning the HTTPS traffic. There is no additional HTTPS traffic scan configuration required in Kaspersky Anti-Virus. It will function using the settings configured for HTTP.

How to enable the HTTP scan in the Forefront TMG:

  1. Open the Forefront TMG management console;
  2. Select the node of the server > Web access policy;
  3. Select Configure HTTPS Inspection on the Tasks tab;
  4. Check the Enable HTTPS Inspection box on the General tab;
  5. Create or import a certificate in the section HTTPS Inspection Certificate Settings;
  6. Click the OK button to save the changes and close the box;
  7. Click Apply in the Forefront TMG management console.”

Para los demas antivirus por favor buscar en google ” <el nombre de su antivirus> https scan traffic”

Espero que solucione su problema.


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